Journey to the center of the planet in Piroot,
an open world adventure game!

Explore A Planet

As the lonely survivor of a crashed pod you must fight to navigate treacherous terrain and unravel ancient mysteries. What secrets lie at the planet's core, and can you trust the voice leading you there?

Rolling out of the escape pod

Roll Into Action

Initially limited to rolling based movement, you will soon acquire new abilities and weapons allowing access to more areas, eventually uncovering the world’s many secrets.

Inside a mysterious pyramid

Immersive Gameplay

The engaging story is delivered as a continuous experience without any pauses or overwhelming players with excessive reading.

Entering the facility

Emergent Behavior

Enemies use advanced logic and navigation to continually challenge players with interesting combat encounters.

Fighting in the caves

Old School Meets
New School

Retro inspired pixel art is elevated with dynamic lights and shadows to create a unique visual style. Procedural algorithms give an organic feel to the environment.

A breakout like boss fight

Artisanally Crafted

As a solo developer's passion project, Piroot is not just a game, it's a labor of love. The custom engine is also open source and includes a level editor, so players can create and share their own stories.

Showing the developer mode editor

Crash Into Piroot

Embark on an adventure like no other in Piroot, where boundaries are shattered and the secrets of an entire planet are yours to discover!

Bouncing over a small block

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